What We Do

Massage Matters  is your one-stop-shop massage facility.  We start with the long, flowing strokes of Swedish massage and tailor the pressure to your personal taste.  Then, we incorporate the latest massage techniques to provide the perfect service for each and every customer.  We have it all: targeted massage for tired feet or sore shoulders, deep tissue, myofascial release, full body relaxation, sports massage, pregnancy massage, sinus and lymphatic drainage, headache relief, muscle pain relief, post surgical, and circulation massage.  We can relieve the pain  and improve range of motion for such issues as sciatica, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder.  We can also incorporate such popular features as essential oil, hot stones, and even the currently trending CBD oil.  

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 Our Facilities

Both of our current locations are elegantly appointed, clean, and conveniently located.  Everything is designed with you in mind.  Step through our doors and let the calm descend on you and the outside world melt away.